Team of Titans

Annie Merz Canosa is Founder and Creator of BabyTalk.  She is a leader in educational innovation in foreign language instruction and is pioneering teaching methodologies rooted in current and emerging brain research and edutainment.  This research began as part of her Master’s Thesis on the “Effects of Music on the Brain in Second Language Acquisition.”

Annie has 20 years of experience teaching in elementary,middle and high schools in the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, and Argentina.  Through Internet-based, collaborative, real-time classrooms and gamified learning, she creates meaningful and engaging ways for students of all ages to achieve fluency in the Spanish language and optimize children’s brains for a lifetime of student success and love of learning.

Maria Elena Tinoco is originally from Mexico and a native Spanish-speaker.  She has a deep passion for languages, teaching English as a Second Language, and is a certified Montessori teacher.  Maria Elena and her husband have built several successful businesses in Mexico and in the United States; her entrepreneurial spirit and business experience has helped catapult BabyTalk into an effective provider of early childhood education.

 Maria Elena’s compassionate nature makes her an expert facilitator of the BabyTalk curriculum, and she is instrumental in furthering the company’s reach by taking BabyTalk English to kids all around her native country of Mexico.