Magic Methodology

BabyTalk is a simple yet scientific program for children 0 – 5 years of age to learn Spanish. It is a fun and natural approach to learning Spanish, which fosters both language development and parent - child bonding.

The BabyTalk curriculum is comprised of 10 short and easy songs, all in Spanish, and set to familiar tunes such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Brother John,” and other nursery melodies. No musical training is required! Even if you don’t consider yourself a singer, your baby loves the sound of your voice! Each of the songs is linked to a central activity during baby’s day: waking, diaper-changing, dressing, feeding, burping, bathing, tummy-time, clean-up, and night-time. As each of these daily activities begins, the parent prompts the child by singing the corresponding song. These musical ditties soon become an integral part of the day and of parent-child communication.

Parents rave about this simple and effective language program! Parents report that not only is the BabyTalk method easy to implement, but the songs create smoother transitions throughout baby’s day. It is the perfect early introduction to foreign language, which can serve as an important fundamental piece of a child’s formative education. In a multitude of studies, a positive correlation has been clearly identified between foreign language learning and higher academic achievement in all areas of study, and at all ages. (Armstrong and Rogers)

Instructional videos and live, online support are available to parents and care-givers, for greater customization and for seamless integration into the home. BabyTalk is also offered as a curriculum sold to preschools, day care facilities, and government agencies.