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The mission of BabyTalk is to allow kids to effortlessly learn a foreign language while their brains are most receptive to language acquisition.  This is one of the greatest developmental gifts and neurological advantages a parent can give to their child.  Not only is the child better prepared for a powerful career in the global market, but exposure to another language before puberty makes the brain more placid, sharper at problem solving, and operate at higher levels of critical thinking.

In fact, studies show that kids who are exposed to foreign languages, score higher on standardized tests in school!  We don’t hesitate to install infant car seats, share books with our children, and set up college savings accounts, all to guarantee safety, optimal development, and to unlock vast opportunities for their future.  Well, now we know with emerging brain research, that language learning early on during the “Critical Period” of the first 5 and 10 years of development, is as essential a building block.

BabyTalk is a team of dedicated parents and educators who love kids and we love school; however, it is our mission to take a more progressive, sensible and impactful way to open young minds, in collaboration with parents, empowering families and supporting them with rich content, engaging teaching, and human connection.  Growing a child is a lifelong journey and we are your travel guides toward a promising future.  Help us to unlock a passport of language and culture for kids everywhere with your generous donation. Gracias from all of us at BabyTalk.    

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